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Why BoxGeek

 At BoxGeek, we take great pride in the fact that we have been designing, manufacturing, printing, and selling custom corrugated boxes since 2003. We believe the process of providing our customers the best overall on-line experience with custom corrugated boxes is critically important. If quality, service, reliability, and/or industry leadership experience is important to you in a corrugated box supplier, then we invite you to give us a try.

 Converting and printing custom corrugated boxes is part of our foundation. Whether printing 100 or 5,000 corrugated boxes, our team has the knowledge and resources to help you separate your company from your competitors with custom printed corrugated boxes.

 We invite you use our industry leading, “Boxgeek Custom Box Builder”. This box builder has resulted in helping 1000’s of companies travel from conception to completion in the world of custom printed corrugated boxes. Rest assured, should you have any questions or want to speak to an experienced customer service representative, then we are here to help you along the way.

 Customizing a box to fit your needs is easy when using our “BoxGeek Custom Box Builder”. Just enter the inside dimensions of the custom corrugated box that you desire as well as the style. Next, a preview rendering of the corrugated box will appear. This will help you decide on the style that is best for you. Be sure to enter the inside dimensions of your box.

Why Choose Us

Our Promise

 At, we have been manufacturing custom printed corrugated boxes since 2003. We are a brick and mortar business located in the midsouth region. We currently serve small, medium, and large size organizations; however, our promise is to serve every customer equally and with the same amount of integrity, respect, and tenacity. Every customer is important to our organization, regardless of size, and our experts are eagerly ready to help your business be successful.

Expert Knowledge

 We know picking the right custom printed corrugated box for your business's needs can seem daunting at times. However, manufacturing custom printed corrugated boxes is something that we do for a living. Lean on us, the experts, to field all of your questions associated with your custom printed corrugated box questions via telephone, email, or fax.

Product & Service Quality

 Quality can be interpreted in many different ways. Boxgeek has always measured our product and service quality by whether our customer comes back to us when they need to reorder their custom printed corrugated boxes. We take great pride in every corrugated box order we take, manufacture, and deliver. Exceeding our customer’s expectations is job #1.