From the Founder

 On behalf of our employees, I would like to personally welcome you to

 We understand your time is valuable and there are many product and service options to choose from in the world of packaging. Our goal is simple: Provide you, The Customer, with a personal, on–line experience that not only delivers a wide variety of corrugated products but ensures your experience is informative, secure, and easy. We believe that if our actions follow our words, then we can truly develop a healthy relationship with you, The Customer, built on trust and performance.

 BoxGeek, LLC, is an organization that was formed on June 27th, 2003 through a network of referrals and feedback from our customers and “Partners” (aka: employees) at Custom Programs & Pkg., Inc. and Shoals Box & Pallet, LLC. All of these business units are strategically located in the midsouth region to serve our customers throughout North America. We have a talented and dedicated team of “Partners” combined with state of the art resources and manufacturing equipment, to convert a large variety of custom corrugated boxes as well as printing and service solutions. Our corrugated box solutions and programs are truly customer-focused and concentrate on increasing our customer’s revenue streams while reducing their total cost of packaging. Whether producing and printing some of the largest boxes in the world or delivering small quantities on demand, we have the People, Technology, and “Know How” to lead our customers well into the 21 st century.

 Many people often ask … “Who came up with the name BoxGeek? … We often laugh at the thought of our professional family of “Partners” running around like a bunch of BoxGeek’s trying to exceed our customers’ expectations in an effort to earn their next order. However, the name BoxGeek actually came from our vision of intelligently, accurately, and passionately providing our customers and guests with “Valuable Information” and “Innovative Tools” that will assist them in protecting their business products and/or personal property. A wise man once told us, “We must challenge the present in order to create a bright future for our “Partners”, Customers, Suppliers, and Shareholders.

 In an effort to challenge the present, we have set the motto for BoxGeek, LLC as “Pack Smart … Save Money”. This motto will help guide our organization to provide a packaging experience that not only offers competitive prices but protects our customer’s most important asset … Their Customer.

 Bookmark us and check in often to see our updates. Keep in mind, your account and information is secure with us. We will never share your information with any outside agencies. Thanks again for visiting The place where businesses and people, “Pack Smart & Save Money”.

 Always best regards,